Meine Liebe

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Liquid for washing children’s clothes “Meine Liebe” based on natural soap. dermatologically approved Russia for children’s clothing and bedding the first days of baby’s life. has a soft and safe structure; contains no fragrances, dyes, phosphates, chlorine, and other corrosive components. effectively cope with complex pollution. Rinses out completely from fabrics. Prevents the deformation and shrinkage, keep color. comfortable Ergonomic bottle with a double cap, which will not give a spill. dermatologically approved. Suitable for the first days of life. Safe biodegradable ingredients. Does not cause allergies and irritation. Suitable for washing clothes people with sensitive skin. Economical-designed for 15 items of washing. Does not require soaking. Composition: demineralized water, 15-30%, 5% non-ionic SURFACTANT


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