Ariel washing detergent powder

  • Ariel Original, 88 Loads Powder Laundry Detergent, 141 oz
  • Ariel washing detergent powder. 8001841533957 140
  • 4015600949310
  • ARIEL Powder Detergent 3700094600


About Ariel washing detergent powder

Ariel washing detergent powder has excellent stain removal at 1. Wash

  • Removes even stubborn stains
  • The powder dissolves quickly and leaves no residue on clothes.
  • Brilliant cleaning of white fabrics from 30 °C
  • Helps to remove dried stains
  • Reduces adhesion to prevent dirt and stains from getting stuck
  • Ensures your laundry looks bright and smells clean.
  • Ariel is also available as a liquid detergent and 3-in-1 PODS
  • Question: Is it HE compatible ?

    Answer: Yes it is and this brand of laundry power smell so good and the scent stays in for weeks.

  • Question: Is this for whites or colors?

    Answer: It works great on everything. I don’t separate them out. It’s honestly the best detergent I’ve ever used.

  • Question: Does this powder use same size measuring cup as arm & hammer?

    Answer: I just use a cup scooper.

  • Question: Is Ariel detergent safe for HE machines

    Answer: Y

  • Question: Was this made in Mexico?

    Answer: It says made in mexico on the back of package in spanish

  • Question: Is this good for hand washing?

    Answer: It is good for handwashing, but you have to use a very small amount. (If you use too much, it will be difficult to rinse out.)

  • Question: Does this product smell the same as the liquid Ariel Detergent?

    Answer: I haven’t smelled the liquid Ariel Detergent, but the scent of this detergent, and the clothes washed in it is delightful.



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